Examples Of Wearable Devices Improving Construction Safety

For the past few years, technology has helped us in some ways. It has improved the way we move, work, sleep, and most especially, how we interact with each other. Technology is also having a positive impact on the Internet marketing strategy of construction companies, but this same technology is helping construction workers complete their jobs safer and in less time.

One of which is through wearable technology. The construction industry has been benefiting from IoT as it allows them to come up with data-driven decisions and evaluate on a micro-level the way workers function within the job site.

That’s why project managers have been giving more attention to methods and strategies that would reduce the occurrence of injuries and costs while being able to improve productivity and safety of not only the workers but even the bystanders as well.

Here are some of the IoT wearable devices that have improved construction safety for the past few years:

1. Smart Vest

Safety vests are common in the construction industry, and workers are required to wear them at all times, as they would be penalized if they are caught not wearing it. Technology companies are starting to incorporate IoT technology in this critical piece of safety clothing.


With smart vests, you could utilize GPS to monitor the workers, and it can also have a button for emergency situations that would notify all parties during accidents and emergency situations. The innumerable capabilities of these smart vests could even have a huge impact on the productivity as it would be able to accurately identify if there are any inefficiencies or delays in the project.


Though, what made these safety vests highly sought-after is because it’s an efficient tool capable of monitoring the worker’s biometrics, such as the stress levels and heart rate. Whenever the vest detects any unusual result, it would automatically notify the worker and those who are in charge of this.


Apart from biometrics, these safety vests could also measure the condition of the job site. Which only indicates that if the worker is about to enter a potentially hazardous environment, the vest will alert him about it, and that would give him the idea that he should proceed with great caution.

2. Smart Glasses

Constant monitoring is very important in a construction site, and with smart glasses, rest assured that safety would always be the top priority as these technological devices also function as a camera capable of recording real-time data from the construction site. From here, the off-site professionals can respond to the unusual activities happening right away. Thus, they will be able to prevent accidents before they even occur.


Additionally, this can also bring improvement to the project and prevent a shortage of skilled workers as it will allow the professionals to give recommendations and give instructions to the new ones. These smart glasses could also be utilized to interact with project managers who are currently off-site, as they will still be able to …


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