Dealing with TMJ: Can Chiropractic Help?

TMJ disorder

TMJ disorder


TMJ (temporomanibular joint disorder) is a disorder in the joints that control the motion of the jaws. Nowadays, there many people dealing with TMJ disorder. They report extreme pain in the jaw while try to open/close it or when they chew something. This pain in the TMJ can be cause by many kinds of factors, including injury and arthritis. Many people have also reported that this TMJ disorder have limited their daily activities and cause some stress in their personal and work life.


Some people who develop habits of clenching their teeth in the nights are also associated with the development of TMJ disorder. It may be because some of the decayed teeth influences on how the jaw works. To really find what causes the problem in your jaws, you must take some diagnosis test. If you have assumption that teeth is the cause or maybe you feel something painful in your teeth too, maybe you can go first to dentist to have a thorough oral health examination.


You may need to explain what kinds of symptoms you experience as it will help your dentist too. You will probably need to perform a clench test. If there is one particular decayed tooth or all the teeth are in pain when you bite, it is probably the bite problems that cause all the pain in your jaws. However, further examination may need to be taken to really confirm if it is really your teeth that cause the temporomandibular joint disorder.


To make sure that the teeth are the problem, you can see what the colour of your teeth is. Discoloured teeth, which are usually shown in brown colour, may be a sign of tooth decay or enamel demineralization. However, it may also show only superficial stains, like that when you drink too much coffee or tea, smoke cigarette, or consume food additives. That’s why, your dentist may need to have some diagnosis and tests to see if the teeth are really the cause of your TMJ problem.


In some cases, people who experience falling or accident and may suffer from dislocated joint also report some pain in their jaws. It is actually possible that joint in the jaws that are dislocated can cause TMJ disorder. In this case, natural, safe, non-surgical treatment must be taken, which is known as chiropractic treatment. The chiropractor will apply adjusted force in the jaw area to help relieve the pain. They will use no drug so it is absolutely natural and safe.


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Dealing with TMJ: Can Chiropractic Help?
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