Ordinary retail business software is designed for traditional stores that offer many different products in several departments. There are options for customization, but only to a certain degree. Most small business owners, or those who specialize in promotional products, embroidery, screen or digital printing, trophies and awards, and decorated apparel cannot make those product work for their unique needs. The owners end of doing many management and accounting tasks in the evenings or on weekends. Efficiency tends to suffer when time and talents are stretched to the limit. That no longer has to be the case.

There is now print screen software specifically designed to cater to the needs of embellished product businesses. Features and functions include sizing charts, pricing calculators, invoicing programs, and the capability to send proofs and receive approvals for artwork online. That expedites order processing, impresses customers, and ensures accuracy for orders. Add-on programs include E commerce management, an online designer tool for customers, and a few others. Online payment options can cut down on invoicing costs and increase steady cash flow. Scheduling production runs for large orders will be easier to keep track of to avoid missing deadlines. Inventory management improves, staff scheduling can be completed automatically, and sales and marketing strategies can be tracked and measured.

The software is available for purchase by larger companies that have their own servers and advanced technology equipment. Updates are installed by the company as they are released and annual licensing fees apply to the product. Owners with smaller businesses and no server can utilize the programs for a flat monthly subscription rate. Software as a service (SaaS) accommodates budget constraints because there are no added costs for advanced equipment, the price for the software is not incurred all at once, and updates are installed automatically. Training, technical support, and new user on-boarding is provided to expedite set up. The business can enjoy efficiency, time and cost savings, and increases in revenues while remaining within the operating budget. Consider how much time and energy is spent on tasks that can be streamlined by the right business software. Compare that total with the cost of an affordable monthly subscription for software and decide which is better for the business.