Ways to Improve Your Intellectual Abilities Participating in physical activities. Doing exercises forces your brain to work at its best making nerve cells to multiply hence strengthening their connections and protecting them from destruction. During working out, brain-derived neurotrophic factor discharged by your nerve cells will activate many chemicals that directly help cognitive functions like learning. Exercising will further have a protective impact on your brain through the improved development of neurons and decreased cardiovascular diseases risks. Having a good night’s sleep. Sleep is not only helpful in regenerating your physical body, but it also improves your brain insights and helps you come up with creative solutions to hard core problems. You can easily deduce connections between distantly related ideas after a single good night’s sleep. Research shows that babies who slept between testing and learning sessions acquired a better understanding in recognizing patterns which show a positive change in cognitive development. Coconut oil intake. Your brain produces its insulin to change the glucose into your blood into the food it requires to function. When your brain’s energy is decreased due to less insulin production that is supposed to be converted to energy, your brain will starve and won’t function normally. This is what usually happens to patients who have Alzheimer’s. Not being able to [produce insulin to convert blood sugar into energy will make your brain starve. Your brain can be able to function on more than one type of energy supply hence you can use coconut oil to help feed your brain and restore it in its natural functio9ning state. It is better to be safe and start supplementing coconut oil in small doses as your body might react differently.
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Turn up the music in your room. Listening to music will increase your level of thinking and mental focus. Music enhances cognitive functioning, verbal fluency and focus in healthy adults and also those diagnosed with coronary artery disease which has been associated with a decline cognitive abilities Challenge Your Mind. Another way you can improve your brain function is by increasing your knowledge. The connections between your nerve cells and their arrangement will keep on changing as you continue learning and increasing your knowledge. Learning to play an instrument and traveling can be other forms that you can incorporate to increase your brain power. You can also try brain acrobatics to improve your smartness. These mind improving activities can be things like doing puzzles like crosswords and jigsaws.
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Vitamin B12. Lack of vitamin B12 can lead to one having a smaller brain volume. Increasing your vitamin B12 will help to reduce the risk of getting Alzheimer’s.