7 Examples of Computer Uses

7 Examples of Computer Uses

Everything You Need to Know About Computer Hardware

Unquestionably, computers work in great ways. They are the force behind the execution of this article and how you can read it. Inventions and innovations pervade the technological world so that computers can effectively shape the world we live in.

Everything from the mundane to the conventional owes its growth to computers. From industry 1.0 to industry 4.0, one determinant that has always stuck and can’t be ruled out as the main driver is computers.

Computers are so versatile that they function in nearly every aspect of our lives. You only need to check the comments and opinions of computer users on ReviewsBird.com to see how dynamic computers are. Computers make our lives easy, our work effective, and our problems solvable. They tend to solve all problems, from concrete to abstract. They bring us together through social media and dating sites. There is hardly a thing the computer cannot do. If that is the case, here are 7 examples we consider great among the uses of computers.

1.                  Education

One great example of the use of the computer is in education. Our educational system has grown over the years with computer-aided record keeping and file management. Rather than the fortuitous use of paperwork, pieces of data are now stored on a cloud-based information system. This new system paved the way for the arrival of electronic education.

2.                  Communication

In the past, communication was done through a variety of mediums. Messages could be sent through birds and other signals. But today, computers have completely changed everything. There are several platforms where a message can be passed. It can be done through print, email, SMS, and social media.

3.                  Entertainment

Who would have thought we could watch movies online and from the comfort of our homes? The computer has changed the entertainment industry. With a swipe of your fingers or at a push of a button, you can watch movies, play games, and listen to music while browsing through a variety of content and audio-visual files.

4.                  Business

Business workflow has been helped with the use of computers. Organizations can better manage their employees, monitor employee performance, keep their inventories in check, and generate marketing ideas on how to reach their target audience. Aided by computers, the world is moving towards an automated industry.

5.                  Politics

Politics is not left behind. As computers trigger technological growth, many things are changing with it. There are now better ways to check through information, misinformation, and disinformation that pervade the political world.

6.                  Medicine

Biotechnology is growing as several other forms of the medical sector. With the help of computers, we now better understand how our body works, how to operate, modify, and improve on them.

7.                  Defense

With computers comes the rise of missiles and nuclear weapons. There are more sophisticated options to how a country can defend itself than in the past. But these options are considered inhumane and unnecessary use of computers.


The uses of computers are largely positive and negative. They can be used to better the general welfare of humans and to destroy it. But this does not undermine the simplicity, ease, comfort, and convenience that make computers a great choice.

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