Benefits of SaaS Technology in Transportation with Maximo

Anyone that is in the transportation business knows that logistics is a big part of it and who does it better will have an advantage in the industry. This means that top-notch programs are needed to be able to follow every aspect that needs to be monitored. Cloud-based technology allows that and as soon as it came to the market, everyone jumped on the opportunity.

In the industry, more than 80% of the companies are using some kind of SaaS or Software as a Service. This is the future of transport and there is no doubt that everyone will adapt to it. This is only one of the changes that new technologies made in transportation. There are a lot of speculations about the future and with new inventions we might even expect self-driving trucks in the next decade.

Cost Savings

Most of you noticed that the business-to-customer space is increasing the subscription model when it comes to products and services so B2B managers also realized that it can be a great option for SaaS tech. There is actually a study that shows that more than 90% of B2B buyers changed or are going to change to subscription products. Being available to adjust the capacity or discontinue purchasing it when it doesn’t meet your needs is just a couple of reasons why they do it.

Many companies were locked into long-term contracts that are just pulling them down if they have a small issue a certain month. This is where Maximo transportation technology comes to place with software that is reliable and flexible. Tech is changing rapidly so it can be very harmful to your company to use outdated technology.

Increased Accessibility to Data

Probably the main feature is the internet accessibility which in transportation is a huge deal because you now have freight managers, shippers, truck drivers and dispatchers looking at the same data and exchanging information if needed. For example, when you want to connect people from different states, SaaS allows you to securely do it with great performance.

Everyone can stay in the look that needs access to a particular type of software. This is especially important in the market where timing is crucial. The mobility aspect has never been at this point where data and documents can be reached by anyone, at any time, in any place. There is also a back-up system so you can have peace while working on an important task.

Increased Growth Potential

Companies that are using this software are usually fast-paced and long-term oriented. Some of them become like this because the system makes you grow rapidly because of the access of faster communication and data transfer. There is also increased storage and how fast you access it through cloud-based services. Read more on this link.

You should rely on immediate sales here instead focus on a recurring revenue stream. With this model, your company is getting ready for expansion which puts you in a different mindset. They provide stable and healthy growth whereas it’s hard to scale with on-premise tech with the number of resources and hardware that needs to be implemented.

Reducing IT Costs

It’s estimated that companies that replaced on-premise for SaaS have their cost reduced by more than 15 percent by removing in-house IT resources. Data centers can be very expensive for every larger firm but that is the area where most savings happened. IT departments no longer need data storage and management.

There are reports that show that cloud allows companies to devote 50% of spending to a new project compared to the 30% industry average. There is also the cost of upgrading which is needed only for different models from SaaS. The lifetime cost is very different compared to on-premise. There are still obstacles the truck industry needs to overcome but this has been a big change.

Other Opportunities

Having customer service is a huge deal in the trucking business especially when you can do it in the middle of scaling your company. For example, it would be a disaster if your team gets a new shipping deal but didn’t have a mobile logistics program ready to transmit and organize new route information to the team. Software as a service grants you the support to handle these situations with ease.

If you didn’t transfer yet, you should check with your team what would be the benefit if you transfer and how it will impact your budget. You might already have a certain contract that doesn’t end yet but even then you might consider changing. You will also need to find a reliable partner or vendor. Find more info here:

Even if you can look up online, it is very easy to find some of the top vendors because they stand out from others. You can also check with other firms what they are using or just contact a supplier and check their clients. Either way, it is necessary for everyone to adapt to the market changes.