Data Recovery

A little explanation for Data Recovery

There are 3 types of Data Recovery on the market today, including:

A. Logical Recovery (Logical Recovery)

This is the most common type of Data Recovery on the market today, requiring no overly specialized techniques and equipment, usually the technician only needs to check the cause of the damage and determine which techniques and software are best suited for performing the damage recovery. To see more details about data recovery, you can simply see this page.

In general, data loss (data lost) can be caused by:

  1. Virus
  2. Deleted by accident
  3. Damage to Partition Table
  4. Damage to Master Boot Record
  5. The hard disk is not accidentally formatted

B. Physical Recovery (Physical Recovery)

Physical Recovery at this time is still rarely in the market, other than because the equipment is not sold freely in the market as well because of the difficulty of obtaining the appropriate equipment and techniques to perform data recovery.

In addition, the technician must also master a few hundred types and types of hard disks on the market that each has a different character and techniques. tt needs a special room that is sterile so that data rescue can be maximized.

In general, physical damage includes some of the following symptoms:

  1. Hard disk board burned
  2. Damage to electronic circuits
  3. Damage to the motor Head
  4. Damage to the disc motor
  5. Hard disk rings loudly
  6. The hard disk does not respond
  7. Hard disk dropped
  8. Logical & Physical Recovery (Combined between logical and physical)

This is a mixed technique that requires a solid teamwork, so as to enable lost data to be saved as much as possible.

At this time many companies who master data recovery from the side of his software and there are some who recover from the hardware side but still rarely can combine the two, so that the results achieved can be more leverage.

At raid data recovery linux, we do a lot of work related to electrical and mechanical to the hard disk that has been declared physical error.

Here our masters do a variety of preliminary checks to determine what – what should be done. After making sure the type of damage and the level of damage to the hard disk, then begins the repair process.

Basically, the process of improvement is divided into 2, namely:

  1. Electrical repair process

The master recovery attempts to trace the electrical defects that occur against the hard disk and do the necessary improvements so that the hard disk can be known in our machine.

  1. Mechanical repair process

Ordinary process improvement is a process that will be difficult, because the space must be completely sterile and sometimes to stabilize all the mechanics of the hard disk in need a longer processing time.

Thus, our master recovery works hard with a wide range of highly-controlled tools and techniques, enabling faster and more efficient data rescue with a small failure rate.