Finding the Best Use for Your Landline Phone

We all rely on our smartphones to make calls now days.  In fact, a recent survey showed that the majority of Americans use a cell phone exclusively and have ditched their landlines.  With prices as economical as they are when you buy a Samsung with a Groupon, it’s no wonder folks are turning to wireless in droves.  You can save $300 off a Samsung Galaxy 8 with a Groupon code, and you can also get free memory cards, gear or a charger with a coupon code, and it’s good for free shipping as well.  As technology has evolved to replace those old coiled cables, it’s not surprising to learn that statistic.  When was the last time you made a call on a landline phone?  Do you even remember your old number?   For me, it was at the home of an aging aunt who still had a rotary phone!  But before you fall off your chair laughing at the thought of someone calling 855-1212and hearing the “operator” say, “at the tone the time will be…” to see what time it is, you’d be surprised to learn there’s good reasons for keeping a landline in your home.

For one thing, they come bundled with TV and internet service and your bill will be higher if you don’t choose the phone option.  For another, landlines will still work during emergencies.  You can call 911 and be traced by the operator.  That’s not always possible with a cell phone.  According to the FCC, an operator can only trace a cellular call to the nearest cell site.  That could be miles from where the emergency is.

Ease of use is also a factor in those who still use landlines.  If you’ve ever seen someone out in the snow, doing the cell phone shuffle, walking from spot to spot trying to get a clear signal you’d understand why making that call from the clarity offered by a landline is much more desirable.  Especially for someone who’s hard of hearing.  And as Baby Boomers and their parents age, they don’t want to be bothered with that new-fangled crap.  They want to dial a number, have someone answer, take care of their business and say, “have a nice day” and hang up.  No Candy Crushing, Instagramming or spamming on their watch.  So don’t rule out using a landline.   In many ways, they can out smart your smart phone.