Five Preferences That Will Draw Blog Readers

Five Preferences That Will Draw Blog Readers

Everyone has a blog, or so it seems. They’re on a variety of topics. Some or quite personal. Others rant and rave. In other words, there’s a lot of digital noise to get through to find blogs your potential customers are interested in reading.

Breaking Through the Wall of Sound

It’s so noisy, that you sometimes wonder if anyone is reading your blog. Or, perhaps you’ve reviewed your website’s analytics and discovered very few people are reading them. It’s not that you’re a bad writer or the subjects you discuss are boring. Instead, it’s the fact you don’t know how to break through.

The Five Preferences

The goal of your blog is to draw in new readers who will join your mailing list.Then, you can utilize a site like happygrasshopper to further market your wares. However, you need to reach a wide swath of users with different preferences. And you can’t write a blog for each of them.

The solution is to combine their preferences into one blog. Here are the five main preferences to write for.

Social — You want to relate to the customer. Use a 2nd person narrative (you, we, our) to reach them.

Concept — Present an idea that starts a productive constructive conversation. Perhaps an idea for a new marketing strategy or product.

Structure — Build a foundation for the idea. Add some concrete concepts that are easy to understand for all levels of reader.

Analytics — Offer them verified statistics that prove why your idea or product would work well and benefit the market.

Callto Action — Engage the readers to suggest additions or changes to the concept you provided.

Blog Production

Writing these types of blogs are handled in two ways. You can produce them yourself.This means time you would use to draw business would be dedicated to writing.To maximize your time, hire a blog writing services to prepare these entries. They have staff members skilled in preference-based writing that can immediately draw in new readers who eventually become your clients.

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