Setup Your Company Account on Instagram


To create your company account on Instagram, first set up your account and then set up a strategy in your ecosystem including targeted hashtags.

Instagram is a mobile social network from which you take photos with your smartphone for sharing with people who follow you.

Based on the image and its power, the major brands have long understood the power of this network. What about local businesses?

This social network is with Twitter, Snapchat and What’s app at the heart of youth and teen communication.

You are for spontaneity worked into a strategy and your target heart uses Instagram? Follow the tips for your company account on Instagram by buying Twitter followers.


  1. Set up your Instagram account for your business

When you create your company’s account on Instagram, make sure all the elements of your brand are there: logo (150 × 150), website links, description, etc.

  1. Create a powerful strategy for your brand

As with all your social media presences, look at how your Instagram account fits into your strategy and ecosystem. Objectives, targets and content strategy will specifically enrich this platform on a daily basis. Which hashtags will you have to include in your publications?

  1. Configure your sharing settings for other social networks

So, when you take a photo to broadcast on Instagram, it will also be shared automatically on your other social accounts, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

  1. Post identifiable and recognizable pictures

Ideally, when your images wander on Instagram, it would be impeccable that it jumps in the eyes of the Instagram member for it to recognize you immediately. What visual elements can you integrate? Which filters will you systematically use or just not?

On #Instagram, post images that will be recognized as yours

  1. Embed Instagram photos in your blog or on your site

All your Instagram photos can be integrated into a web page by pasting the code. This will allow you to generate additional traffic to your account.

  1. Opt for sponsored publications

They should arrive soon on Swiss territory.

In the meantime, Instagram has a company blog on which you can find information.

  1. Increase your fans with discount codes

It is well known, members of social networks are very big fans of promotions. It is also a way for you to thank them for their loyalty and/or encourage them to follow you.

  1. Regram images when you’ve been mentioned

It’s a good Instagram followers practice. Thank when mentioned in a publication by sharing it. For this you can use an application of the type Repost  (the free version inserts automatically are logo on your images).

  1. Organize a photo contest

Around a hashtag specially created for the occasion, create a photo contest to make your account known to other Instagrammers.

  1. Show the scenes of your business

The human, the human, the human … is at the heart of social networks. Promote closeness on Instagram with collaborators in their work environment, photos of your creative sessions, your constructions, etc.