Top 5 Reasons to Install a Hidden Surveillance Camera

Protecting your property is a top priority. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about your home where the family and you live or the offices where the company and the business are growing daily. If you have something valuable in your possession, you want to protect it. See more about how to do it here.

To do this, it’s not always enough to place a lock on the door. Thieves can get inside the premises and steal no matter how well you’re protected. Still, it’s your job to make it as harder as possible, and make sure that even if they do, you’ll be able to catch them.

Because of this, there are lots of security tools and items that help you do a great job. From locks that are almost impossible to break, through live force and security guards, to state-of-the-art technology and cameras capable of seeing everything that’s happening on the property.

The danger isn’t always coming from the outside, though. Insider threats should be taken seriously too. That’s why there are hidden cameras that are going to do this job. If you want to know what the top 5 benefits of having them are, you should continue reading this article.

1. Having control over everything

When you’re installing surveillance cameras on your property, and you include hidden ones too, you can be sure that you have everything covered. Leaving the place without surveillance that’s easy to be spotted means you’re leaving a door wide open for thieves, and that is why you must have them.

Aside from this, you should place hidden cameras that are going to fool the robbers. They are not going to be easily seen, and the thieves might think that you’re only seeing them from those installed. If they take off their masks, you’ll easily recognize them using the hidden ones. 

2. Lowering the pressure of acting normally to people inside

People working for you will act differently if they know they see that CCTV cameras are constantly monitoring. However, if you lower this pressure, and make them think that they are not being recorded, they will start acting normally and reveal all their secrets.

If you are suspecting that someone steals from you, this is the best way to find out if it is true and who’s doing it. If you have someone taking care of your children, as a nanny, this is the perfect way to find out if your kids are well taken care of while you’re gone.

Of course, it’s best to have everything in order and don’t have to wait for someone to do something wrong, but if this is the only choice, then having hidden cameras placed strategically is the only solution there is.

3. Size provides covering all places

Unlike standard CCTV cameras that are used for surveillance, the mini cams are so small that they can fit anywhere. They are as small as a pill and can easily be placed wherever you want them to be. This provides coverage even in places that have no room for big cameras.

Their system gives them the chance to operate without electricity. They are battery powered and they can be used at all times until the batteries die. The good thing is that being so small gives them the ability to work for a long time without the need of recharging.

4. Smart cameras give you live coverage

Have you heard about the term smart home? This is a concept that is going to take over modern homes around the world. Predictions say that by the year 2050, all homes will be smart homes.

What these smart homes do is connect all the appliances to a single spot from which you as an owner can control them. Today, all the appliances in the house can be connected through the internet to your smartphone app from which you can shut them off or turn them on. See more about smart homes here:

When it comes to surveillance, this is great because of many reasons. The best thing is that you can have live coverage of what’s happening on the other side of the camera. Through the app, you can see live what’s happening in your home.

That means, if there’s something wrong, you can act right away. You can call the police, or if needed, the fire brigade or the ambulance. Modern smart systems have alarms that will give you push notifications if something’s happening inside the home, and they are so advanced that even people lying on the ground can be a reason for raising the alarm.

5. Chance to act immediately

As we said, having a hidden camera that is connected to the internet and your app gives you the chance to act immediately. This is not possible with the standard CCTV cameras. You need modern equipment to handle a problem in modern ways.

What the hidden camera airs is a subject of confidentiality, and no one has to know about them. That means, if you find out something’s happening, you can act immediately and don’t mention to anyone that you’ve seen video footage, but you simply had a hunch.


These five reasons explain exactly why having a hidden camera is crucial to have in your home and office. If you often have outsiders or you’re worried about the safety of the property, having these items is the best thing you can do to protect it.